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Corporate identity, Logo, Design, Branding

In the beginning they had nothing.

They looked for themselves but they did not manage. They had no corporate identity.

Corporate identity

One day, two unknown people turned to us to ask if we could make a logo, cards and a web for their web site

Logo Fairteco
Logo David Kucera jewelry

Most companies get to the point where they need a change.

COMMIX produces awardable ideas!


Two long years have passed since the opening and customers have not come. We submitted the web site to a detailed analysis.

Business card

The point is not to get customers to your web site but to convince them to buy.

Webdesign, e-shop
Corporate identity, Logo, Design, Branding

They opened an e-shop.

They were short of customers right from the beginning. They underestimated the power of online marketing.

It was a close shave but COMMIX saved our online shop!

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Corporate identity, Logo, Design, Branding

They knew no satisfied customers!

Customers were unimportant for them and eventually left for the competition with quality service design.

Online sale

They were famous and successful but something went wrong. About a year ago all their customers left. We know what the web site underestimated.

E-shop aiola
E-shop Bisaku

We tripled our online sales turnover thanks to COMMIX!

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