The FAIRFIN division within the FAIRTECO Holding provides consulting services in the area of financing, and subsidy programmes and grants assistance. The main activities of this division include arranging for financing by foreign banking and non-banking financial institutions for both private and commercial clients. FAIRFIN also arranges for grant and subsidy sources of public funding as a means to accelerate the development of entrepreneurial activity, but also to save and consolidate corporate finances.




One of the activities this agenda has been engaged in since its founding is obtaining grant and subsidy funds in the Czech Republic. A team of professionals with experience from both the grant providers sector as well as the international consulting firms sector are here to help you. Not only do they understand the needs of clients from private businesses, but they are also well versed in the formal language of the public sector. They can navigate through the complexity of conditions, restrictions and orders applicable to various grant titles and subsidy programmes. They are among the most successful grant projects applicants with steady, high success rate. In the preparation of project applications, the division cooperates with leading and highly successful experts with extensive experience, as well as with former officers or assessors of individual calls across operational programmes.

In terms of grant projects assistance, FAIRFIN offers to:


  • Customised training
  • Provide information on the upcoming programme period 2014 – 2020
  • Map grant and subsidy opportunities
  • Develop a strategy for the systematic use of grant and subsidy resources
  • Identify appropriate subsidy programmes
  • Pre-score a company
  • Prepare and administer grant project applications
  • Supervise grant project applications
  • Submit grant project applications
  • Prepare for a public tender
  • Audit a public tender
  • Process an application for grant payments
  • Consult the realisation of a project with a client on a regular basis

FAIRFIN’s main areas of expertise include:


  • Ministry of Environment (Environment OP)
  • Ministry of Industry and Trade (Enterprise and Innovation OP, TIP departmental programme)
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (Human Resources and Employment OP)
  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (Education for Competitiveness OP)
  • Ministry of Agriculture (Rural Development Programme)
  • Prague City Hall (Prague Adaptability OP)
  • Fund of Further Education (Internship programmes)
  • Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (ALFA programme)
  • Regional subsidies (Regional Operation Programmes)
  • Investment incentives


FAIRFIN can help you obtain financial subsidy for business or for private purposes. We can also arrange for financing of your project by a foreign bank. The advantage of such funding is a stable interest rate, and helpful and considerate approach of banks, which do not threaten you with warrant of execution upon a delayed instalment repayment. Communication is held in the Czech language. All necessary documents are prepared by the division, which also arranges for translating and interpreting services for dealing with the bank.


In terms of consumer financing, FAIRFIN provides financing opportunities related only to real estate. Some of the services and products include:

  • Analysis of the new product market launch
  • Mortgages
  • Financing from sources of our company


  • Bank products
  • Financial products of foreign banks
  • Loans from domestic commercial banks
  • Products of ČMZRB bank
  • Products of ČEB bank
  • Products of EGAP credit insurance corporation
  • Financing from the European structural funds
  • Financing from the state budget sector
  • Grants and subsidy programmes
  • Seedfund‘s
  • Investments provided for by our company
  • Business Angel
  • Arranging for a financial or strategic investor


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